Our Global Communications Solutions

CETel is a provider of end-to-end communications solutions for the era of an interconnected business world with global customers. Our solutions aim to provide a global coverage for any business relying on communications infrastructure. With satellite, fiber and wireless enabled connectivity truly global communications are possible.

With our Engineering team, 24/7 NOC and field service partners around the world, we take responsibility for the communications infrastructure of our customers. By carefully designing solutions based on the customer requirements, we are able to provide the best solution from both a technical and a commercial point of view.

As CETel is a private and independent company, we are able to select technologies independently without the limitation to one or few suppliers.

Our Solution Design Approach

Requirement Engineering

In the first step, you tell us what you need. To get a full picture of the challenge, we take the perspective of all stakeholders into account: from end-users over system administrators to procurement departments. This results in a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and the challenges we are to solve.

Site Survey

If new locations are to be connected through our solutions, we perform a dedicated site survey to answer technical questions: What equipment is already in place? What is the operating environment? Is a free line of sight to a satellite or to a wireless tower present? Knowledge of your network sites is relevant to optimally choose the best technology at each place.

Solution Design

Based on requirements and performed site surveys, our engineers take different approaches and technologies into account. In close exchange with you and your users we design a network, that solves any challenge in an optimal way.


After all decisions are made and the paper-work is done, our team, in cooperation with your technical staff and local field service providers, will install and prepare equipment at each site – your headquarters, regional offices and possible remote sites.


As soon as everything is in place, the operations of your communications solution begins. Our Network Operation Center will perform any required line-up and monitor your network afterwards on a 24/7 basis and our helpdesk is available for you.

Solution Portfolio

Satellite & Teleport Services

Satellite & Teleport Services

With our own Teleport infrastructure located in Germany, we provide our customers fixed and mobile satellite services.

Available even in the remotest areas of the world, satellite connectivity is what makes our communications truly global and independent from terrestrial infrastructure.

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Fiber Services

Fiber Services

Connecting offices and facilities to international data networks is a “must have” in modern business times. With our fiber services, we can design and implement world spanning data and voice networks.

Our connectivity from our Teleport to these networks, allows is to provide access to exactly these networks also for remote offices.

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Wireless Services

Wireless Services

Distributing Internet and network access locally is often required to reduce costs and make connectivity available in a larger area. Technology based on microwave, such as WiFi or WiMAX, for short- and long-range makes access easily and reliable in both rural and urban areas.

At remote sites with satellite terminals, our wireless services help to distribute Internet and network access across a whole mine, construction site or village.

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