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CETel Further Expands its O3b/MEO Coverage

Cologne, November 2018. CETel, a leading German service provider of global managed end-to-end

communications solutions, signed another contract to deliver fibre-like connectivity into Africa utilizing

medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite constellation O3b.


The long-term contract supports a leading African-wide operating communications and technology solutions

provider to further expand their network across Africa. It will serve various vertical markets, such as Mining,

Corporate, Construction, Telco/ICT and Government. Low-latency paired with maximum availability have been

key drivers in the decision for the MEO solution. After connection of multiple sites, CETel further expands its

operational MEO coverage, that is now spanning the African continent.


Guido Neumann, Managing Director of CETel, said, “CETel is very happy to welcome a new MEO customer and

service. For us it is important to always select the best fitting available solution, whilst also keeping an eye on

future technologies. Based on this philosophy we are prepared for the upcoming technology challenges, which

will result in significant benefits for our customers’ needs and requirements. It is mandatory that GEO, MEO or

Fibre solutions must be evaluated in case-by-case scenarios. We still see an increasing demand for all available

and upcoming communications solutions with all their different characteristics and advantages.”


CETel will continue to work towards a connected world providing global hybrid networks consisting of GEO,

MEO, Fibre-Architectures, to cater for the ever-growing demand for data and connectivity solutions.




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