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Dedicated iDirect services for Business Contingency

In an effort to provide customers, effected by the ongoing outage of AMOS 5, reliable connectivity services, CETel has secured additional capacity on Arabsat 5C to provide dedicated iDirect services.

Arabsat 5C, located at 20° East, is in a slot close to AMOS 5, so only little re-pointing of existing antennas is required at customers’ sites. Field Service partners in Africa and our Network Operations Center are ready to assist customers in performing the necessary actions.

Since its start in 2011, Arabsat 5C has shown excellent transmission characteristics and proven to be a reliable satellite. Our Business Contingency services include satellite capacity, Teleport and Satellite services and Internet connectivity. Value Added Services are available to customers looking to enhance their services.

CETel operates a 9.3m antenna for services in C-Band and a 9m antenna for services in Extended C-Band on Arabsat 5C.

As a provider for satellite, fiber and wireless enabled communications solutions, we have a strong track record of tailored connectivity services and operate our own Teleport in Germany with access to various international data networks. Customers take advantage of our partly and fully managed services.

Arabsat 5C, Std. C-Band, Downlink

Arabsat 5C, Standard C-Band, Downlink Coverage

Contact our team to learn more about our iDirect services and receive a non-binding offer.



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Connected. Whenever. Wherever.