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CETel provides Business Contingency after AMOS 5 outage

Operator Spacecom has lost contact to it’s AMOS 5 satellite this weekend leading to a complete service outage as reported by Reuters. A loss of the satellite is likely. Spacecom’s customers are now in need for an shortly available and reliable alternative.

CETel provides business contingency services to all affected parties and customers. With available capacity on various satellites from different operators, such as Arabsat, Intelsat, SES or ABS, CETel is able to cover all affected areas and provide alternative services on existing technological platforms in C- and Ku-band quickly.

Our field service partners all over Africa are standing by to help adjusting customer equipment as soon as possible in order to minimize any further service outage.

This business contingency service can include procurement of satellite capacity, project management, field service and any required Teleport service including Internet, network (e.g., MPLS, VPN) or voice access. Together with our Engineering team we aim for a quick and efficient transition, so your services will be back online as soon as possible.

CETel is a German provider of global satellite, fiber and wireless enabled communications solutions. Our portfolio covers the full range of partly and fully managed services for customers from key industries, such as Mining, Energy, Corporate, Banking or NGOs. Our Engineering team tailors solutions specific to the needs of our customers to maximize cost-efficiency. With our own Teleport infrastructure located in Germany with redundant backbone connections and more than 25 satellite antennas pointed at satellites between 70° West and 76° East, we provide reliable and professional solutions for our customers.

Contact our Sales team for further details to bring back your service quickly.




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Connected. Whenever. Wherever.