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ViaSatellite interviews Managing Director Guido Neumann

Industry magazine ViaSatellite reports on CETel’s outlook on the market of satellite communications in Middle East and Africa in an interview with CETel’s Managing Director Guido Neumann:

“The strategy for the current year is to further consolidate our presence in Africa and the Middle East. Those markets are currently the most important markets for satellite communications,” Guido Neumann, managing director of CETel, told Via Satellite. […]

“Nothing has stopped us in the past from working with customers from markets that were not in our focus. Our solutions and services are custom tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. That means we do not have a solution ‘off the shelf’ for different industries — instead, our experience shows that each and every client seeks to solve a different challenge. And we are willing to tackle this challenge, no matter what industry they are doing their business in,” he said.

The interview highlights current developments at CETel and shows how it plans to grow in the next years by entering new markets by geography and technology.

Read the Interview in full on the ViaSatellite website.



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