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CETel ramps up Africa satellite coverage on ARABSAT extended C-band

CETel and leading satellite operator ARABSAT are stepping into the extended C-band with their jointly built earth station, offering unprecedented business expansion possibilities with the launch of CETel services this February 2015 over ARABSAT extended C-band.

The collaboration will include CETels teleport facilities, network and broadband services as well as solution design across the whole African continent, Middle East, Europe and Central Asia on board ARABSATs state-of-the-art satellite Arabsat-5C on 20 degrees East.

The strategic plan of Arabsat & CETel  to expand into the extended C-band is driven by the need of cost effective communications solutions in rural areas which offers not only trunking and backhauling applications but also corporate network connectivity between the regions and continents.

With the extended C-band being now available, CETel and Arabsat have complemented their existing service-proven portfolio of satellite enabled communications solutions. For the customer it opens the door to achieve the optimal mix of the different bands to his specific and individual requirements over Africa in order to run his communications smoothly and supporting their businesses.

Looking at the potential of extended C-Band, Guido Neumann, Managing Director of CETel said: “We already serving first customers on extended C-Band with a 9m antenna from our Teleport in Germany. It`s the right product at the right time for customers looking for answers to the ever increasing cost pressure in their areas of business.”

Khalid Balkheyour, President and CEO of Arabsat said: “Service providers’ ever increasing demand for capacity is satisfied by development of the extended C-band which gives wider room for expansion, not available anymore on congested normal bands. The possible applications which are explored together with CETel ranging from backhauling over connectivity for corporate networks up to governmental services.”

 About Arabsat

Founded in 1976, Arabsat has been serving the growing needs of the Arab world for over 30 years. Now one of the world’s top satellite operators and by far the leading satellite services provider in the Arab world, it carries over 500 TV channels, 160 radio stations, pay-TV networks and wide variety of HD channels reaching tens of millions of homes in more than 80 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Europe—including an audience of over 170 million viewers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region alone tuned into Arabsat’s video “hotspot” at 26° E.

Operating a growing fleet of owned satellites at the 20° E, 26° E, 30.5° E , 34° E, 39° E and 44.5° E positions,  ARABSAT is the only satellite operator in the MENA region offering the full spectrum of Broadcast, Telecommunications and Broadband services. This capacity will continue to expand with the launching of new satellites, making ARABSAT satellites’ fleet the youngest in the region.

For more information, please contact   Mr. Saad Al Tehaif – Director, PR & Media –   or visit

 About CETel

CETel is a global solutions provider for satellite and fiber enabled communications/networks. With our companies and offices in Germany (CETel Germany), the USA (CETel America) and the UAE (CETel Middle East) we offer a broad variety of tailored end-to-end communications solutions and services. With our own Teleport and solution design capabilities, CETel takes responsibility and manages the complete network that has been designed and tailored by our own engineering team and performance delivered with our own infrastructure. With over 20 years of combined experience in the telecommunications business we have managed and finished projects all over the world for customers ranging from Corporate and Oil, Gas & Mining companies to Media and Governmental organizations. We intend to serve your communication needs to run smoothly and efficient.

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