A global trend for urbanization leads to infrastructure projects in all regions of the world. These remote and/or temporary construction sites will require connectivity and communications for their operations and on-going business. Telecommunications infrastructure, however, is often not easily available at the construction site or not sufficiently reliable for business applications, such as ERP software (SAP), sharing of plans and data from the construction site or video-conferencing.

CETel is able to provide reliable and cost-efficient solutions for connecting construction sites around the world, even in the remotest regions. In those regions satellite communications via VSAT is often the only effective approach. We extend the connectivity via Satellite with our access to fiber networks around the world to not only provide Internet access but also to integrate remote sites into your corporate MPLS or WAN network.

Regardless of the remoteness of the locations, we design, implement and operate communications and connectivity solutions to ensure the continuity and productivity of your projects. Our support for relocation allows construction companies to efficiently plan their communications infrastructure across several sites and projects.

Possible Applications

  • Remote Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Telemedicine
  • Back-up connectivity
  • Crew Welfare