Challenging Environments. Demanding Customers.

The modern business world is a world of globalized communications: our ever-growing economies are requiring companies to use communications across borders and continents to get in touch with suppliers, partners and customers around the world.

To have truly global access to the world of communications and international data networks such as the Internet, you need to integrate the different technologies available to access those networks even at the most remote places of the world.

Since there cannot be an “one-fits-all” communications solution, we design our turnkey, end-to-end solutions based on individual customer needs. Our customers operate in different industries, each with their own requirements and challenges.

Corporate & Enterprises

World-spanning connectivity to data and voice networks for international and national corporates at headquarters and local presences.

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Connecting drilling sites (On- & Offshore) for Oil and Gas around the world.

Providing connectivity in power production and distribution for SCADA/M2M applications for remote live monitoring.

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Internet and Network connectivity for Mining Sites around the World – in all stages from Exploration to Operations.

Dedicated solutions for On- and Offshore mining.

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Connectivity and network access at construction sites in any stage, on any continent.

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TelCo & ISP

Backhauling and Trunking services for Internet Service Providers in Africa and the Middle East.

Dedicated solutions for GSM operators.

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Governmental & Non-Governmental

Ad-hoc & fast deployable connectivity solutions for internationally operating aid missions.

Secured international connectivity for embassy networks.

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High speed Internet connectivity for global operating merchant fleets.

Secured and reliable connections with assigned Quality of Service to ensure smooth operations offshore.

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