Commitment & Identity

The provision of our communications solutions relies on our three core values:

Independent Solutions

With a strong presence in central Europe with our Teleport and headquarters located in Ruppichteroth, close to Cologne and Bonn, in the Western part of Germany, we provide our solutions with a German quality and our own, professional Engineering team.

Since the beginning in 2005 by our managing directors Martin Terlunen and Guido Neumann, CETel is privately owned and thus is able to provide independent solutions and consulting: In the design of customer solutions, we take the customer’s requirements first and are not limited to a single supplier.

Instead, we have developed a network of partners, including the key players on the market of satellite and fiber communications. Together with these partners, we design, implement and operate our solutions end-to-end.

Reliable Services

Our business processes and operations are ISO 9001 certified to guarantee professionalism, reliability and safety. Our management and leadership team has more than 25 years of experience in the satellite communications industry and have a profound knowledge of best practices.

With engineering support through the whole service lifecycle and beyond and a Network Operations Center, that is staffed 24 hours a day, we provide the reliability required to use our communications solutions in every environment and situation.

CETel has authorized Field Service Providers in more than 50 countries worldwide to support our customers on a truly global scale.

No Excuses

With a custom design and custom tailored networks, we find solutions for every challenge our customers face. Requirements and limitations are carefully taken into account when our engineers design end-to-end solutions.

Through our own infrastructure with Teleport and redundant backbone connectivity and premium support levels with our suppliers, we assist and support you in any unforeseen case. We have a strong commitment and the resources to support our customers and their processes.