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CETel’s COO on Teleport infrastructure with HTS

In an interactive article, ViaSatellite took a look on the developments in High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and the necessary changes in the Ground Infrastructure. As part of the article Sergey Raber, COO at CETel, contributed our view on the required changes to Teleport infrastructure and partnerships between Teleports to provide global solutions:

From cooperation to partnerships, HTS can greatly benefit the teleport sector, explains Sergey Raber, COO at CETel. As HTS delivers much more bandwidth than conventional satellites, terrestrial infrastructure needs to be adjusted accordingly. Terrestrial connections to major network backbones at the teleport need to be upgraded to higher bandwidths. At the same time, some HTS require multiple, geographically distributed terrestrial gateways for optimal service availability and highest efficiency. This means additional teleport locations might be required to fully use the potential of HTS. And this is where partnerships come into play.

“With our partner teleports in Europe and around the world we can make use of a network of terrestrial gateways to provide a global footprint to our customers. HTS is a great example of how these partnerships can be of mutual benefit for both service providers and is a key driver for end-customers,” says Raber.

At our CETel Teleport in Germany, we invest continuously in our terrestrial backbone connectivity and we will continue to do so. Our customers can expect to utilize the bandwidth for their applications in a reliable and cost-efficient way and this is true, of course, also for customers on HTS.

Read more on Ground Segment 2.0 in the article at ViaSatellite.



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